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A1 Traffic Safety Ltd has a proven track record in all aspects of traffic management work Nationwide. Compliant with National Highway Sector Schemes 12A, 12B and 12D, Chas, Construction Line (Gold Member), Achilles and SSIP we meet the highest safety, efficiency and quality standards.




From the design and implementation of large motorway schemes, through to simple two way traffic signal or road closures and diversions, our experienced design team will help you plan, utilising our top of the range CAD software to produce the ultimate in drawings on a timely basis. we can assist with your tender response too, testing the feasibility of different approaches or providing buildability.

Our extensive experience in traffic control for event management means we will work together with you to provide full scheme design and planning, through to implementation of dynamic traffic management and control throughout the event. 

By working in partnership with A1 Traffic Safety Ltd (A1TS), you can be sure whatever your traffic requirement is, we will be able to meet your needs and demands right from the embryonic stage through to site clearance after completion of works.

A1 Traffic Safety Ltd are pleased to announce that it  is now moving into the private and corporate security sector to supply high quality labour staff nationwide and will be recruiting staff to fulfill contracts throughout the country .A specialist recruitment team are currently working on this to  establish the process and the web sites  will be update very shortly to recruit new staff in a very exciting new venture 

Protection of the Public


A1 Traffic Safety have designed and implemented quality procedures, inline with applicable British Standards to ensure we conduct a professional service, while ensuring members of the public are also protected and not put at risk following our activities. This also includes employees, customers, consumers, and other workers who may be affected by any of the services carried out by A1 Traffic Safety.


The following activities are carried out to identify any potential danger that our services may bring to the public:


·         Pre quotation survey (to understand customer requirements and how this may affect the public e.g. unique customer requirements that may involve interaction with the public e.g. events).

·         Site survey (the information is used to understand our customer requirements further and how this may affect the public e.g. entrance and exit points).

·         Risk assessments (the likihood of a risk occuring and how could this risk affect the public).

·         Emergency procedures (emergency procedures will take into consideration potential affects on the public e.g. bomb threat)


We shall monitor public perception of our services by:


·    Engaging with the public through social media.

·    Compliments.

·    Complaints.

·    Positive and negative press.

·    Incidents / accidents involving the public


All feedback is welcomely accepted and will be reviewed with the aim of continually improving our relationship and protection of the public.

If you would like to leave any feedback please  

send an email to info@a1ts.co

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